Consumers Hear Radio Ads. Pandora, Spotify, Not So Much

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Consumers Hear Radio Ads. Pandora, Spotify, Not So Much

Messagepar Fengtimo15 » 11 Janvier 2018, 07:04

That’s according to Cumulus/Westwood One Chief Insights Officer Pierre Bouvard who writes about the topic in his latest blog. Bouvard quotes a recent study of 2,617 consumers conducted by Vision Critcal/MARU. The consumers were asked if they hear the ads that run on Pandora, Spotify, and radio? Here are the results…

According to Bouvard, only 54% of pandora rea and Spotify listeners actually pay attention to the ads. And, 84% of the AM/FM radio audience hears the ads when they listen to AM/FM radio at home, at work, or traveling in the car.

Bouvard says, “pandora smycken and Spotify listeners utilize the services as background music. Softly playing background music is great for “chilling out” but it’s not so great for advertisers. Half the time, Spotify and Pandora listeners admit they cannot hear the ads.”

In order for advertising to be effective, consumers need to be exposed to ads, according to utförsäljning pandora. “When purchase decisions are made, shoppers think of brands or retailers they know. Ads boost top-of-mind awareness. To see cash register impact, advertisers need to be in the heads of their shoppers. But first, listeners have to hear the ads.”

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