FFXIV - Class Tierlist

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FFXIV - Class Tierlist

Messagepar ffxiv » 18 Mai 2018, 06:25

If you're just starting out then it'll be a long time before you get to content where tiers matter, and even then there's a statistically high chance you'll never play at the skill level where it'll matter. There's also a patch happening next week with some balance changes attached to it, so things may change very soon. The current meta is

DPS (the first 3 here are pretty much set in stone as the meta picks)
◆ Bard
◆ Ninja
◆ 4th dps slot is a bit of a free pick between Machinist/Monk/Summoner

◆ Warrior
◆ Paladin

◆ Scholar
◆ Astrologian

Which class combination is best for speedkills and world first ALSO differs somewhat though, and world first groups have taken all sorts of classes into combat because the difference between classes is minimal enough that player skill is the deciding factor. We are proud to offer the best prices on Final Fantasy XIV Gil that we possibly can we love helping you guys get more success in this game.

If you're asking due to wanting to invest in a class to level that is good and will get into raids, Warrior, Scholar and Ninja have formed the backbone of each and every competitive raid group ever since patch 2.4 years ago and there is no reason to suggest that any of these three jobs will ever lose their job security. Thanks for reading and be sure to come to us if you want the best deal on FFXIV Gil.
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