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Winter Chris Godwin Jersey , spring, summer or fall- over 100 miles of shoreline that makes up the Outer Banks offers national parks, festivals and attractions, and a landscape created by Mother Nature that's sure to impress even the most discerning traveler. The vacation rentals of the Outer Banks are everywhere you turn, so you can enjoy the vacation of your dreams. Beachfront vacation rentals with breathtaking views of the ocean Justin Evans Jersey , hotels in the middle of the action, small cottages and house vacation rentals are scattered throughout Outer Banks, North Carolina. Although the Outer Banks is actually made up of several geographical areas, including the mainland, Nags Head O. J. Howard Jersey , Roanoke Island, and Portsmouth Island, many people simply refer to all of the Outer Banks as "Nags Head".

Nags Head is an interesting vacation destination. On either side of the land is ocean, with high sand dunes flanking the land that can be seen from miles out in the ocean. It is not certain where Nags Head got its name from, but one possible explanation was that during the 18th century Carlton Davis Jersey , land pirates would walk horses along the shore at night, each with lights on their heads. From the sea, they would look like boats to other seamen. When the boats would come towards the shore, getting stuck in the high sand dunes, the land pirates would steal their cargoes. Sometime in 1830 M.J. Stewart Jersey , Nags Head became a resort community, as it is now- with Jockey's Ridge on the northern part of Nags Head the only remaining remnant of moving sand dunes. Jockey's Ridge is a tourist community with thousands of vacation rentals for the Outer Banks vacationers looking for a relaxing destination.

Roanoke Island, as well as most other regions, offer non-stop activity for the adventure-seeking traveler. If camping in tents is your idea of vacation rentals to die for, you can stay at one of the many campgrounds in the area. Whatever your choice for vacation rentals during your Outer Banks vacation Ronald Jones II Jersey , you'll be able to participate in water activities, enjoy eating in high quality restaurants, or learning about the heritage and history of the Outer Banks at one of the many museums and historical centers.

Popular activities for the vacationer include paddling, either in canoes or kayaks, in order to glimpse some of the many sea creatures and wildlife that inhabit the area. You can go hang gliding in Kitty Hawk. Hiking in various areas of the Outer Banks Vita Vea Jersey , and within walking distance from some of the vacation rentals. The Outer Banks caters to any vacationer's idea of "good eats"! They've got the typical beachfront resort community offerings of seafood restaurants, pubs and grills, but they've also got a wide variety of bistro's, cafe's, and ethnic eateries. If you prefer to cook your own meals Tampa Bay Buccaneers Hats , just be sure to select from vacation rentals with kitchens, and have access to the local supermarkets to get your favorite ingredients.

Regardless of the season, whether you stay in Nags Head or another area, you'll find there are many festivals and events happening all over the community. Museums offer a wide variety of exhibits, there is a strong art community within the Outer Banks with art shows open to the public Tampa Bay Buccaneers T-Shirts , while the theatre remains a large attraction for both natives and tourists.

Selecting vacation rentals for your stay in the Outer Banks should not be a difficult task, as you can stay in the Northern Outer Banks or the Southern Outer Banks and be guaranteed an enjoyable vacation.
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GENEVA, June 23 (Xinhua) -- The UN Special Envoy for Syria announced Thursday that he will brief the UN Security Council on June 29 after holding consultations in New York and Washington in view of resuming intra-Syrian talks aiming to broker an end to the five-year conflict next month.

"We have to continue preparing for various options regarding the intra-Syrian talks," he said after convening with the humanitarian taskforce members in Geneva's UN headquarters.

"The aim is still July because August is not a fictional date but a real timetable," he added.

The UN mediator has been vying to get intra-Syrian talks back on track since negotiations seeking to reach a political agreement by August 1 were put on hold in April this year.

Both the humanitarian situation in the country at war since 2011 and fighting between government troops, opposition forces and terrorist factions have prevented negotiations from resuming.

The envoy did report however some improvement on the humanitarian front in June, a month which has seen eight out of 18 besieged areas receive critical assistance.

Since relief operations kicked off in February this year, 16 out of the 18 besieged areas have received life-saving assistance, though Arbin and Zamalka located in rural Damascus have yet to be reached.

Latest UN figures show that over 844,000 people living in both hard-to-reach and besieged locations in Syria have received assistance since the start of 2016.

De Mistura warned that this was still not enough and that ongoing military operations in Aleppo and Idlib continued to compound the dire outlook on the ground.

In light of this, he urged members of the International Syria Support Group, particularly its two co-chairs the United States and Russia, to enhance efforts seeking to provide tangible results for the Syrian people.

Referring to the truce brokered in February which resulted in a historic lull in fighting, the Special Envoy reminded that such initiatives could lay the foundations for substantive talks going forward.

"Don't forget, the cessation of hostilities took place when Russia and the U.S. agreed on something, and that produced a critical mass," he said.
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