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SUVA Customized Indians Jersey , March 21 (Xinhua) -- The state of natural disaster in cyclone ravaged parts of Fiji has been extended for a month, Fiji's Department of Information announced Monday.

"On the recommendation of the National Emergency Committee, Cabinet has agreed to extend the existing state of natural disaster for an additional 30 days effective from today (Monday), March 21, 2016 Cheap Indians Jersey ," the department said in a statement.

The extension of the state of natural disaster applies only to the so-called Red Zone, or areas severely affected by Tropical Cyclone Winston, which hit Fiji last month claiming 44 lives and left a path of massive destruction.

The extension, in effect until April 19, does not include areas of the country outside the Red Zone Indians Yan Gomes Jersey , which were largely unaffected by Winston and where normal regulations apply.

"This extension will allow officials to continue to provide focused relief and rehabilitation support in affected areas, where basic services and facilities are limited including housing, water and electricity," said the department.

Fiji declared a state of natural disaster on Feb. 20 as Winston was wreaking havoc in the Pacific island country.

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