How Marcus Peters Has Become The Biggest Liability on

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How Marcus Peters Has Become The Biggest Liability on

Messagepar tanner » 04 Novembre 2017, 02:45

Before we begin, let's get a few things out of the way. First and foremost, we lost in Oakland because we were bad. The refs were bad, but make no mistake. This game was not won by the Raiders and it was not decided by the referees. This game was lost by the Kansas City Chiefs. Secondly, I believe that Marcus Peters is one of the best defensive backs to play in red and gold ever. That being said, he's transformed from a ball hawk to a liability.Let's be clear, Marcus Peters is still able to make big plays. He reminds me a lot of James Harden. Harden is one of the best defenders in basketball, when he wants to be. What happens more often than not is he gives up on defense and his player sails through. I don't think Marcus is giving up, but I definitely think he is a better defender than he has been playing this season Ashton Lampkin Jersey.Finishing PlaysOne of the clearest problems I see is his lack of ability to finish a play. This can be divided into two. The first part, where the ball has been thrown run away from him, is evident on most plays . Look back at the Redskins game from a few weeks ago. Remember that huge catch and run by Vernon Davis? Would it blow your mind if I told you that when Davis caught the ball, MP was an unobstructed 5 yards away? Peters turns his back, gets blocked and stumbles. By the time Davis has entered the Red Zone, Peters can barely be seen in the frame, some 20 yards away. Moreover, he's not making any effort to even get remotely close to the area. This is just on example, but it has been happening in every game this year.Then there are plays where MP is closer to the ball, but his selfishness and ego take over. Instead of going for a tackle and trying to dislodge the ball with one hand, Peters has been going in two handed on the ball and waiting for a teammate to come and do the dirty work. Yes, it worked last year in Carolina and it won the game Cameron Erving Jersey. That was awesome. But that won't happen every game and the result is an extra couple of yards on every Peters target."Teams are too scared to throw at him"This is incorrect. I wish it was true, but it isn't. MP has a reputation as being a ball hawk and he has earned respect from most offenses. So what's changed? In a nut shell, nothing. When your reputation proceeds you, you don't really have control. So it started with some targets, and some were batted down. Some were caught and then more QBs decided to test Peters. Ask Ben Roethlisberger. Ask Derek Carr.Usually I would welcome the challenge. If you want to do deep on our best CB, be my guest. But then something interesting happened. The former ball hawk looks like his wings have been clipped. The man can't get to a jump ball if his life was on the line. He's giving over 10 yards of space for receivers, and QBs have easily figured out how to beat him. .MP TerritoryI had to ask a friend if many premier CBs play like Peters. Do they just stick to their side no matter what? I remember that Richard Sherman and Dwayne Bowe battled all day a few years ago in Arrowhead. I don't understand what makes the left side so special that Peters has to play there. I don't know if Sutton is scared of moving him or this is all his idea. I do know that every time the Raiders needed yards, they put Amari Cooper in the slot against Gaines and it was done. Can you imagine how the game would of looked had Peters been on Cooper the whole game?All this to say that Marcus Peters has become the biggest liability in the Chiefs defense. No matter who he lines up against or what play is called Eric Murray Jersey, he comes detrimental to the game. Throw to him and he tries to make a play. 99 fail rate. Sure, they'll show the 1 on Sportscenter and you'll think he's great. Please don't be fooled. Throw it away from him? He's done playing before the receiver even catches the ball.Like I said in the beginning, I really like Marcus Peters. I never heard of him coming out of college and was pleasantly surprised when he became DROY. But he needs to decided what kind of NFL player he wants to be Ramik Wilson Jersey.
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