The Most Important Tip For A Beginner In PoE

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The Most Important Tip For A Beginner In PoE

Messagepar poeitems » 20 Avril 2018, 02:51

If you feel as if the maps are getting too difficult, then simply farm the highest tier you're comfortable with for XP + loot to upgrade your gear. You can either farm one particular map repeatedly with sextants, or run whatever maps you feel like in that particular tier. Bonus points for getting alternating elder/shaper influence on it.

If you feel like doing harder content and want to aim for endgame bosses, then keep progressing through your Atlas. Your Zana questline prompts you to keep doing higher tier Elder-influenced maps up until T15, then killing Elder and his guardians in high tier maps. Beyond that you have the Shaper's guardians (easier than an Elder spawned on a red map) and then the Shaper himself (more difficult than red Elder).

Don't get stuck in the idea that obtainined 15/15 memory fragments is everything though, it's currently very RNG heavy since it requires Elder spawning on a T15 map - Some get it on their first try, some don't get it after 20 spawns. It does encourage you to keep completing medium-high tier maps though.

If you're after other things to do, you can try Atziri - reached by throwing the 4 Vaal fragments into your map device. Uber Labyrinth is either a love or hate thing and is another endgame option. At U4GM, you will able to buy PoE orbs cheap.

If you really what to dive into the whole "run the same map for currency" game, then look up some guides on sustain maps (in general) and run burial chambers (shaped or not). The returns are quite good. You can additionally look up guides for sextanting (be sure they are 3.2 and not older).

Other mapping skills involve chisellng, alching, and vaaling maps. In general, build up some knowledge about how to roll maps and what to look for. It would be a very very large post if I tried to include everything but this should give you a good direction to start in. If you haven't played Path of Exile, be sure to give it a go, then don't forget to collect enough PoE buy Currency.
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