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SYDNEY, Jan. 20 (Xinhua) -- Australia's prime minister and the premier of Victoria have announced a multi-million dollar package to save a smelting plant in western Victoria.

PM Malcolm Turnbull was joined by Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews in announcing a 173 million-U.S. dollar package that will keep the Alcoa aluminum smelting plant in Portland, in far-western Victoria, open.

The rescue package, to which the Federal Government contributed 22 million U.S. dollars, will save thousands of Victorian jobs.

The smelter, which is owned and operated by American giant Alcoa, has been operating at one third of its capacity since a transmission fault cut power to its potlines in December with many staff forced to take leave over the Christmas period.

In announcing the package in Portland on Friday, Turnbull said his government was committed to helping Alcoa and its employees get back on their feet.

""We've seen all those pots that were frozen and how they'll be cleaned out, starting today,"" Turnbull said.

""And that is enabled by a (22 million US dollar) grant that the Federal Government is making to Alcoa to enable you to get those lines back into production, to get this plant operating at the full potential, the full capacity that will be maintained by the company in order to secure and retain the grant that is being made ... right through till 2021.""

Greg Hunt, Australia's industry minister, and Wade Noonan, his Victorian counterpart, travelled to Alcoa's New York headquarters in December to negotiate the future of the smelting plant.

Alcoa employs approximately 2,000 people in the region, almost a quarter of Portland's population, making it easily the region's biggest employer and taxpayer.

David Thomas, a delegate from the Australian Workers Union (AWU), said even with the money it would take a significant amount of time to restore the plant to its full operating capacity.

""It can't just happen overnight,"" Thomas said.

""There's different scenarios that management are playing out, but to get back to full production is going to take at least six to eight months.""


Actor Andy Lau has shot down rumors he's feuding with fellow Hong Kong A-lister Stephen Chow.

Lau attended a premiere for documentary "My Voice Cliff Pennington Angels Jersey , My Life" in Hong Kong on Sept 12 and took the opportunity to set the record straight.

Recent media reports have suggested that the actors had fallen out over money and that Lau had put an end to their friendship.

"First off, I never said that he is not my friend," said Lau. "That's what I want to clarify. Also Cameron Maybin Angels Jersey , about my paycheck, these are just rumors."

Lau and Chow collaborated on a number of cult classic films made in Hong Kong in the '90s, including "God of Gamblers II" and "Tricky Brains."

Their relationship came under the media spotlight recently after the wife of Hong Kong film producer Charles Heung slammed Chow's work ethic. She also claimed that Lau and Chow had the opportunity to work together again Bud Norris Angels Jersey , but that Chow wasn't prepared to offer Lau enough money to star in his film.

Speaking at the premiere of "My Voice, My Life," Lau admitted that he was involved in talks to star in a movie opposite Chow Brandon Phillips Angels Jersey , but that both actors had "politely rejected the offer."

Chow is one of Hong Kong's most revered comedic actors, with international hits like "Shaolin Soccer" (2001) and "Kung Fu Hustle" (2004) under his belt.

His last film, "Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons Ben Revere Angels Jersey ," was also a box office hit in China.

When asked about his relationship with Chow, Lau said, "I was Andrew Heaney Angels Jersey , am, and will always be a fan."

If you have received one of these offers in the mail, you know how tempting they can be. They claim that you will pay no interest on any purchases or balance transfers in the first period of owning your card. But there are some things about these offers you need to know before you sign on the dotted line and let them pull your credit report

1. The 0 APR offer is for a limited time.

Most credit card companies that offer the 0 percent interest rate deal only offer it for a limited time. This means that you will pay 0 APR for six months Andrelton Simmons Angels Jersey , nine months, or up to a year. You need to check the fine print for this information and be careful to notice it when the time is up.

2. The 0 APR offer might not apply to everything you put on the card.

Many cards offer 0 APR on all balance transfers and any purchases made during the introductory 0 percent interest period. But some only offer the 0 APR on balance transfers, and you pay a very high interest rate on any purchases.

3. The 0 APR offer might be null and void if you are not on time with your payment.

Most of these credit card offers are contingent on your being an exemplary member. This means that you have to pay your minimum payment on time every month during the introductory period or else you automatically lose your nice 0 APR and move up to a rate that usually ranges from nineteen to twenty-one percent interest.

4. The 0 APR offer might carry a ridiculously high interest rate after the introductory period is over.

Again Albert Pujols Angels Jersey , the rate of interest for these cards after the 0 APR is over usually runs from nineteen to twenty-one percent.

5. The 0 APR credit card will not repair your credit.

Remember that consolidating your cards or transferring your loan balance will help you pay off the balance without interest, but it will not remove the damage already done to your credit.

by Marzia De Giuli

ROME, Feb. 7 (Xinhua) -- Chinese President Xi Jinping's attendance at the opening ceremony of the Sochi Winter Olympic Games highlights strengthening of Sino-Russian ties in a globalized world where China plays a growing role Yunel Escobar Jersey , Italian experts told Xinhua on Friday.

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