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TIRANA, July 5 (Xinhua) -- Albanians were dazzled by a show entitled "Chinese Kungfu in the Land of Eagles" staged by Chinese artists and Kungfu masters at the National Theater of Opera and Ballet here Monday.

The event, organized by the embassy of China, was put on by Zhengzhou Song and Dance Theater and the Artistic Troupe of Songshan Shaolin Fist of Zen from central Henan Province.

The performance by the Kungfu masters as well as the Chinese songs and dance provided the audience a colorful glimpse of Chinese culture.

Zhengzhou Song and Dance Theater put on such pieces titled "Beautiful Scenery," "Jasmine," "Swan" and "The Rhythm of China" to provide an unforgettable cultural spectacle. One special moment occured when a singer from the troupe sang an old Albanian song from the city of Shkodra, much to the audience's delight.

The Kungfu masters showcased the real art of Shaolin Kungfu and unveiled the mystery of China. It was a display of fists, sticks and a number of other classic techniques. Some members of the audience were invited to the stage to try their luck at becoming Kungfu masters.

Shaolin Kungfu combines Zen meditations from the Buddhist sect Chanzong (one of the most important branches of Buddhism in China) with martial arts, and it is known for its sharp, powerful and accurate movements and efficient skills in defense and attacking.

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