fat waist!

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fat waist!

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The fact is Anthony Miller Womens Jersey , legitimate affiliate programs do exist, but they are very few and far in-between. You?ll do yourself a service to recognize which affiliate program will offer the highest return on your investment and the time you?ll be sinking in, if you know the following five deal makers before making your affiliate program guru any richer?

-How Did You Hear About The Affiliate Program?

Did you do a search on the internet for yourself, or did you receive an e-mail telling you about the next ?big internet thingamajig? that will have you sitting on a yacht, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Warren Buffet? If you did your own search, then perform your due diligence based on these tips on the affiliate program and make your own decision.

If you received an e-mail bulletin guiding you in the direction of the affiliate program, my advice would be to cling tightly to your wallet, because the main profit generator is most likely in the ?e-mail list? which your name happens to be on.

-What Type of Affiliate Program Is Your Guru Pushing?

Meaning, is it free to join and is the affiliate program based on offering the general public a unique product or service that anyone
can easily use to provide a solution to a problem,(for example, competent anti-spy ware) or is it based on your making a purchase and then recruiting you to offer the public visions of sitting on a yacht with the likes of Warren Buffet? If it?s the latter, then chances are, the only ones who?ll be
laughing all the way to the bank is your guru and and a few insiders.

-What is The Google or Alexa Page Rank of Your Affiliate Program Guru?s Main Website?

Ignore this critical indicator at your own peril. Google and Alexa provide traffic stats based on the number of hits a page receives from unique visitors on a daily basis average.

This means that if your affiliate program guru?s page rank is insignificant, how does your guru achieve the kind of results they?re peddling by selling a product no one even really sees?

Chances are the affiliate program relies on a large database of names or joint venture e-mail lists to produce short-term, high volume traffic to make sales. Don?t fall for it.
Sustainable profit relies on sustainable traffic and sustainable traffic is not built on an email list alone but by applying the five cornerstones of successful website promotion.
Why do you think it seems like the same super gurus are always ?unveiling? a new product every time you hop out of bed? They probably ran out of suckers for the last one.

-Does Your Affiliate Program Offer Use of A Website?

Provided that you?ll be offering a valuable product or service when and if you join, does your affiliate program offer you a ready-made website, or will you be allowed to host your own landing page with resources provided by your guru? This point is critical because every internet marketer worth their salt knows that a huge profit potential rests in an e-mail list. Hosting your own landing page will provide the opening to start building your own list of clients.

-Once You Join, Does Your Affiliate Program Constantly Use Hard Sell Techniques Towards Affiliates Themselves?

That question should be a vital indicator that it may be time to bail. If every instant you come back from the fridge, your guru is
pushing their own product or add-ons that you just have to buy only if you?re really serious about being on a yacht and rubbing shoulders with the likes of Warren Buffet then you might be caught in an Amway type business model. It will be great fun for your guru, but for you?not so much.

A legitimate affiliate program directs its marketing efforts towards the general public, not to its own affiliate network. If this sounds familiar then chances are, that?s where the main profit generator for the program is actually rooted and even on your worst day, you can always find a much better affiliate program on the web.

An affiliate program that offers all these deal makers will be your best bet for long term success and now you can?t say you haven?t been warned.

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Shawn Stephens, Editor of www.Website-Promotion-Spot, a site built
around his frustratingly humble beginnings on the web, is a full time internet marketer
and Economics major from the state of Virginia dedicated to keeping fellow
netpreneurs out of the tender arms of land-pirate internet gurus.

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BEIJING, June 2 (Xinhua) -- Chinese e-hailing company Didi said on Thursday that it wants to raise more than 3.5 billion U.S. dollars after rival Uber announced fresh funding that values the company at over 60 billion dollars.

Didi president Jean Liu told a conference in California that its fundraising is ongoing and that the company is looking for strategic investors similar to Tencent and Alibaba.

Tencent and Alibaba were early backers of two companies that merged to become Didi in February last year, putting an end to a year of bitter competition.

Uber announced this week that it had raised 3.5 billion dollars from the investment arm of the Saudi Arabian government, taking the company's valuation to over 60 billion dollars.

As part of Didi's current funding round, Apple has invested 1 billion dollars into the firm.

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