Constantly Getting one-Hit By Bosses In PoE?

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Constantly Getting one-Hit By Bosses In PoE?

Messagepar poeitems » 18 Avril 2018, 06:00

If you are stuck at Act 6 getting one hit k.o by the bosses a little past Lioneye's Watch, what you can improve? And you are a lightning-based Shadow started with absolutely zero knowledge so the build is pretty random. It is very important to take the time to level up at the beginning of the game. Whenever you need PoE buy Currency, you can go to U4GM. U4GM has cheap PoE items for trade.

⒈ Just because an item is unique, doesn't mean it's good for your build. If you're making a lightning based character, you don't need the Physical/Chaos damage nodes on the way out of the shadow starting area. You could also refund both of the dex nodes on the way out and pick up the +30 dex node next to the strength one you've already picked.

⒉ If you don't know how to increase your life/resistances without losing spell damage. Defenses (i.e. capped resistances, health/energy shield) are more important than damage, especially in Act 6+ where each death costs you 5% of your level in XP. With 16% Fire resistance, you're taking 3 and half times MORE fire damage than you would with 75%. The elemental damage monsters do is balanced around having 75% to each elemental resistance.

⒊ You have two nodes (Arcing Blows and Weapon Lightning Damage) that do nothing since you're not making weapon attacks with lightning damage. Regarding uniques. Belt of the Deceiver does very little for you. You're not doing physical damage and since you're not doing attack damage, Intimidate doesn't do anything either.

Likewise, even though your gloves (Doedre's Tenure) look like they have a lot of spell damage, the reduced cast speed basically makes them DPS neutral. You can get quite a bit of health and resistances by replacing them with a rare pair.
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