Final Fantasy XIV: Any Tips With O7S

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Final Fantasy XIV: Any Tips With O7S

Messagepar ffxiv » 23 Avril 2018, 05:35

If your static has been stuck on O7S for a couple weeks now, and your biggest problem is virus. So is there a certain method other statics are gling by to handle this? There are any tips with O7S. If you want to know more about Final Fantasy XIV, be sure to pay close attention to

NA PUG method is pretty straightforward:
● Vertical Virus.
● Searing Wind: Tank NW, Healer SW, Ranged NE/SE.
● Abandonment: Tank/Healer: N, Melee S.
The '1' Waymark is where Tanks and Healers stand for Abandonment. The '2' is for Melee.
● If you get Searing, go NW. If you get Abandonment, go to 1.
● OT should always Provoke boss during Virus Cast. Don't wait to see what debuff you get. Just Provoke it. Then, whichever tank that gets Searing Wind can just Shirk the other tank.
● If you get Searing, go to SW. If you get Abandonment, go to 1.
● During Virus Cast, make sure group is healthy. The tank and Searing targets will be taking damage throughout Virus.
Ranged DPS
● Ranged DPS should decide beforehand who goes NE and who goes SE.
● During Virus cast, make sure you don't miss heals. Go to your designated spot.
Melee DPS
● Don't go to the 2 immediately. Continue to DPS the boss (which should be in the middle) and avoid passing Rot.
● When Abandonment debuff has ~12 seconds left (Allagan Rot has ~7 seconds left), both melee meet and stand on the 2. This way, the Rot passes late, allowing more time to pass the Rot after the tethers resolve. Very important to wait until the last few seconds before passing Rot.

If the Tank/Healer is on 1, and Melee is on 2, they will get knocked North and South respectively. It must be a pleasant journey. Just gather Cheap FFXIV Gil for sale on FFXIV4Gil to start your wonderful experience.
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