Training for the encounter started on Tuesday in Maputo

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Training for the encounter started on Tuesday in Maputo

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MAPUTO Andres Guardado Mexico Jersey , Oct. 22 (Xinhua) -- The Mozambican national soccer team, the Mambas, on Wednesday evening vowed to beat Zambia here on Sunday, after suffering a crashing 3-0 defeat last Sunday in their first leg in the 2016 African Nations Championship (CAN) qualification.

Training for the encounter started on Tuesday in Maputo, and the Mambas have to work fingers into bones to either score 3 goals or 4 to nil to dream the survival.

The Zambian national team Alfredo Talavera Mexico Jersey , known as Chipolopolo, never lose to the Mambas in the Mozambican history.

Maninho and Isac, who didn't play against Zambia in Ndola, said they are going to give a headache to the Chipolopolo at Machava stadium, on the outskirts of the Mozambican capital.

All the Mambas are physical fit Alejandro Palacios Mexico Jersey , saying they are ready for the thriller which is expected to attract many football fans from all over the country. ""Everything is possible. We cannot twitling our fingers. We are going to play at home and we have a duty of doing better, and why not to fight annul this disadvantage?"" Ahmed Hagi, captain of the Mambas told reporters on Wednesday evening.

Saturday morning will be the last training session for the squad which involves 18 players.

The Chipolopolo and the referees are expected in Maputo on Friday.

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